Hairstyle For Round Face Women in 2020

hairstyle for round face women

Are you a little overweight? Or by genetics you already have the round face as it happens to me, do not worry that I have the list with the best hairstyle for Round Face Women who have a circular face and not elongated as it happens to many girls.

In my case, when I have a few extra kilos, my face is chubbier cheeked and the hairstyle I use many times ceases to fit my face, so I have to think about changing my look.

The same thing happened to me when I cut my short hair and it fit very well, but at that time I got pregnant and began to gain weight over the months and my hair no longer accompanied my face.

That’s why researching, asking friends hairdressers and learning what are the best haircuts or the way a woman can comb her hair for that moment of life, I will share these different hairstyles step by step for when you have your head with that shape.

Nor is it a fatal thing to have a round face, there are many celebrities who have this type of shape on their face such as famous and very beautiful with a round face I can name you Emma Stone, Mila Kunis, Kirsten Dunst, Cameron Diaz, Olivia Munn, Adele among many others.

Of course, what most people do is look for hairstyles to stylize their faces and these tricks can help you look as beautiful and elegant as possible.

You may also be interested in these easy and simple hairstyles if you have little time that is the most consulted by women in the community.

  • 1. What is a round face
  • 2. How to make hairstyles for round face
  • 3. What kind of cuts and hairstyles for round face to use
  • 4. Hairstyles for those with round face step by step
  • 5. YouTube video with 15 Hairstyles for Round Face that will make you look thinner
  • 6. Photos with Hairstyles and Cuts Ideas for Round Face

What is a round face?

First I will define you when a face is considered round.

The round faces are wide faces without angles where the vertical and horizontal axis are very similar, have a small forehead and jaw, and well-marked cheekbones

Hairstyle For Round Face Women

How to make hairstyles for round face

You must know first of all some beauty tricks to see you more beautiful and avoid some mistakes that I made myself but that I was correcting over the years since many times we do not know what type of hairstyles for round face are those that can benefit you.

See our tips of Hairstyle for round face women

Never place your hair behind the ears because your optics will look wider and it is something you surely want to avoid.

If you want your face to look thinner, it is convenient to cover the sides of the face.

The hairstyles for women that favor those with a round face are the hairstyles with the stripe on the side and the fringed parades.

You should avoid the fringes that are straight since otherwise what you are going to cause is to frame the face a lot which visually will harm your look.

You should be encouraged to use the hair to a long bob are bob hairstyles which is a short hair with some longer front strands.

If you want to see short hair ideas I recommend you see this article that can surely be of great help for your round face.

But many times it can happen that you do not want to lose your hair and this type of hairstyle will also look great where you leave your hair straight to the chest that you can iron with a hair straightener.

The important thing that you have to notice is that your hair does not acquire volume because that is what you will look bad.

If you like the hair to wear it in waves what you can do is from the cheeks down some soft waves with the hair straightener to give it a little movement.

In the case that you have curly hair, you should leave it longer to soften the curl and not over-mark your face.

Hairstyles collected or semi-collected with a little volume on the crown are hairstyles that will make your face very flattering.

Avoid the ponytail or pigtails very tight and tight in your hairstyle, as well as the bun.

Whenever you want to make a bun, a low ponytail or a gathered one you should leave loose strands on the front, cover the ears and leave it a little loose in this way your different hairstyles so that the round face is not seen will look much better.

This type of face where women have a wide face or round face, the flattering hairstyles are the side hairstyles, whether braided or collected.

The makeup should also accompany you if you are very chubby-cheeked, so it is a detail that you should not neglect if you have round and fat face haircuts.

haircuts for Chubby Girls

What kind of cuts and hairstyles for round face to use

With these hairstyles that I will explain and then show with photos, you will be able to hide if you are chubbier or lose weight without applying makeup which of course is a compliment that all women need but sometimes for lack of time we cannot comb our hair and makeup when we leave our home.

To start with some of the slimming hairstyles I can mention that the side stripe or the side or irregular bangs will make your face look thinner.

The best option is to use the hair by layers, parades, and vertical highlights.

As I mentioned before bob cuts, half-lengths do not forget to take them into account.

Hairstyles for those with round face step by step

This is a hairstyle that I always do and I will explain it step by step as it worked very well to hide my round face.

  1. First of all, you should brush your hair very well and go to the hairdryer
  2. If it is like my case that you have curly or wavy hair use the concentrator, adding to your dryer, so the air will come out more strongly to where you aim, therefore it will be smoother
  3. It is best to have a hair straightener with a shaper if you cannot use the normal straightener.
  4. You must have a crochet hook or catcher or clamp that you prefer.
  5. Start with the bottom layer of hair and so on.
  6. You should start rotating the iron to give it the effect more or less under the ear.
  7. If you want to last longer apply lacquer if it does not work try to apply it with the face down to give more volume as the hours go by the volume decreases
short haircuts for round faces female

The faces with short cuts greatly benefit this type of face and also are in the fashion of 2019 and 2020 that faces with little makeup are used.

I hope it serves you, now I’m going to teach you other tricks for super easy and simple hairstyles that helped me a lot for parties that can be from a wedding to the bride as if you are invited or for birthdays

Remember again that a rounded face is a face that has no angles, which also has a rounded chin and the length of the face is short.

Always look for hairstyles to hide the roundness so you have to leave light strands on your cheeks.

Try to wear the hair with the volume on the top of the head, this gives the feeling that you have a less round face and will lengthen it.

Always make a good step in your hair to lengthen the features.

If it is your case that you curl your hair tries to be a wavy curl.

Never leave very sharp curls or you will enlarge your face.

In my case, I have long hair currently if it is the same case then get a slight bang cut asymmetrically.

Always remember to give yourself little volume on the sides of your head so that the face looks better and if you wear a mane it will always favor you to wear it smooth.

Something you always have to avoid is to take your hair back and tight.

Do not get collected in the neck with a round face will be bad.

Avoid long hair without movement.

YouTube video with 15 Hairstyles for Round Face that will make you look thinner

These hairstyles for round faces are wonderful and beautiful. Do not miss them!

I hope you serve all these tips, tips and beauty tricks so that you can take advantage of the full potential of the shape of your face and stop thinking that you have a very round face and do not get comfortable because each woman has her elegance and beauty it’s just looking for the right point.

I invite you to share this article with your friends and especially if you know any that you will surely be making the day with these recommendations if you have a round face.

Photos with Hairstyles and Cuts Ideas for Round Face

Haircuts for round face.

In the following photos, we can see round faces of both famous and models that take advantage of all these tricks and tips to refine as if they were dieting their faces.

I hope this article will help you in finding the best hairstyle for you. Share your experience in the comment and tune in for the latest blogs.

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