How to Consider Dress Color Combination For Female using Color Blocks

Every lady wants to be stylish and attractive. It is important that the clothes are properly combined not only in texture but also in shades of color. In this article, we’ll look at the Dress color Combination For Female Using block style of how to use it to create a custom bow. We have divided this into four different categories.

  1. Color block style
  2. How to combine colors
  3. How to Choose Makeup
  4. Fashion bow examples

Color block style

Color blocking is the original art of combining bright colors. It is a real discovery for women who do not tolerate dullness and are ready to stand out from the crowd by declaring their individuality. The “color block” in English translation is “color blocks”. This option provides a bold color setting.

Consider the functions:

  • Bright and bright colors. True, here it must be said that it is worth using simple clothes in the outfit. The pictures do not have to be printed or need additional drawings or captions. This is not in line with the stylistic orientation.
  • Combine steps 2-3. This preserves harmony and sustainable style.
  • Down with intricate designs and overly intricate details. It is better to prefer modest geometric styles. For example, choose a dress with a straight silhouette, A-silhouette or cape.
  • The highlight of this direction is the geometric insertion of light hues, which are divided into blocks. Otherwise, such clothes can be successfully used to create optical illusions. For example, everyone knows that vertical inserts can visually represent the human figure. So every lady seems even thinner.
  • Great mood. This style assumes that everything is shiny, which means that it will be able to be a positive wave, the color of gray, everyday life, to be energized and positive.
  • Ability to explore individuality. Many women want to draw the attention of others, including the opposite sex. This can be done in a stylish and creative way. However, remember that the measure is important in everything.

Color blocking is very popular in Dress Color Combination For FemaleAfter all, you don’t have to buy expensive things in order to be on-trend. Only a simple outfit should be carefully selected. The most important thing is to find the line between beauty and absurdity. It can stop with a lighter color while others are calmer.

Experts recommend that you choose your favorite key for clothes and accessories. Then you will be confident and attractive.

You can emphasize their benefits by choosing the right geometric shapes. It is worth noting that the “color block” is not always appropriate. For example, there are few offices where the use of bright, multicolored clothing is permitted.

How to combine colors:

The light colors give some impression to others. If you want to be creative, think creatively, choose the right shades. Have two or three color ranges. You can select adjacent or opposite sounds.

The most successful options are red-green, blue-yellow, orange – green and others.

It is worth noting that the colors of the rainbow are tidy. This is a good tip for choosing colorful outfits. For example, the simplest way is to combine the sounds of an adjacent colored ring. For example, red, orange and so on. This way you can maintain your style and look harmonious.

It would be a good idea to use additional shades: yellow – purple, red – green. Here you can see your fantasy and create your own custom bow.

You can use the principle of three shades, which are in an imaginary triangle. For example, blue – yellow-orange, yellow-green – red. Bright shades of the jacket, sweater and other elements of the clothes give the impression of cheerfulness.

It’s a good idea to use the statute:

  • 60% should be the main color;
  • 30% – an additional shadow;
  • 10% – accent sound.

If you keep these proportions, the bow will be stylish and fashionable. It is worth noting that color blocks share shape. Therefore, if you are experiencing some degree of problem, you should be especially careful when choosing clothes. It is better to hide problem areas with quiet sounds and rich dark tones. This style helps to improve any shade of the figure by using it neatly.

For example, you can wear a dark dress and top – a jumper, cardigan or jacket, an O-shirt (if you are sporting), a jacket (no fastening). For pear-shaped pieces, wear dark colors on the bottom. If you have an apple-shaped shape, avoid the horizontal blocks in the abdominal cavity. You can successfully lift your legs and wear bright stockings. For an hourglass shape, it is advisable to highlight the waist to highlight femininity.

The first and most important thing is to decide on the desired color palette. Choose from our favorite colors that welcome you every day. If you are just beginning to understand the basics of color blocking, it is better to stop in two tones. Choose neutral and clear. They feel better with them. Beige, black, gray, white.

Then add the third and fourth shades gradually. Don’t be afraid to experiment. For example, if you wear white and orange clothes, you can add a little coral. It can be a bag, bracelet, manicure. The point is to combine everything organically.

Pink, red, blue buttons can be successfully combined. However, patterned clothing should not be used. Destroys the whole picture. Pay attention to accessories. When the equipment comes in three shades, choose one and add such items in the image in the form of a belt, bags, handkerchiefs, bandages.

How to Choose Makeup :

After analyzing Dress Color Combination For Female We also need to tell you about the makeup. Many people think that if you use a light sweater, brown cardigan, and another toned shoe, you can safely choose the color elements of your makeup. However, this is not the case. Regardless of which direction you choose the “color block” – sporty, feminine date, office dress code (if the company allows “brighter” colors) – it is worth restraining your makeup.

No space for glittering, bright shadows, colored lipsticks. The main trend is to record more soothing natural sounds. Beige, brown, soft peaches emphasize the natural beauty of the face. So you can effectively place all accents, stylish and fashionable, but not defiant.

Fashion bow examples:

Choose the right key, accessories, and clothing to emphasize the style. Consider popular pictures.

  • Clothes. The clean and contrasting lines indicate minimal decoration. You can combine shoes with straight heels, but not stilettos. Choose a monophonic bag so the picture does not look too distracted. Successfully use the side contrast pads on the cloth. They help make the waist thinner.
  • Skirt. The original skirt can be combined with a simple top. It can be white or neutral. Successfully emphasizes the image. The model can be complemented by a rare decoration.

  • Hooded sweaters and pullovers. An image using such a dress will be casual and fashionable. You can successfully create pants, trousers, jeans and plain skirts.
  • Evening bows For formal occasions, long dresses, and even overalls will do. Such dresses can be used by confident and brave girls who are not afraid to attract attention. You can decorate the bow with a solid colored clutch.
  • Coat. The outerwear must be simple and comfortable. Models can be selected on the platform or at the wedge. It is allowed to use a bright handbag that will accent the whole bow. However, the tonality of the clothes should be more subdued and in line with the accessory.

We examined the characteristics of the color block style. Now you know how to properly choose and combine the colors of your clothes, how to hide flaws in your figure and highlight the benefits. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but don’t overdo the color.

Start with two shades and gradually add the third. Create your own style, let the mood always be as bright as the color block style. That’s all about Dress Color Combination For Female. See our Discussion on Best Outfit For Women

Combine the colors of the clothes, see the following video for the color combination ideas. .

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